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Keeping Employees Motivated

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Keeping Employees Motivated

Keeping Employees Motivated Keeping Employees Motivated

 How can you ensure that standardizing work doesn’t inadvertently cause your employees to become demotivated? When work becomes routine and repetitive, employees can lose motivation. Here are three tips to keep work interesting. The first tip is to avoid dumbing down the work. This can happen as you try to make things more standardized […]

Dealing With Fluctuating Workloads

Dealing With Fluctuating Workloads production line

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]  How can you, as a leader deal, with the fluctuating workloads that might be impacting your team? We know that some companies are dealing with dramatically increased production volumes, while others are dealing with a drop off in production right now. Assuming things are settling in to either slowing down or speeding […]

How To Get Your Team To Do More

How To Get Your Team To Do More airline manufacturing

 Can you push your team to do more? Now is a great time to think about how you can push your team to an even greater level of performance than they are able to achieve right now. In this current COVID-19 situation, which is when we are actually taping this segment,  it is amazing […]

Staying Connected With Your Team

Staying Connected With Your Team team communication

 It’s important to stay connected with your team as a leader, especially in uncertain times. Leaders have the tendency to become less supportive of their team in times of stress, when in fact they need to be even more supportive. When people are under stress, they have some interesting human behaviors and many people, […]

Keeping Focus in Uncertain Times

Keeping Focus in Uncertain Times factory leader

 How can you as the leader retain your level of confidence even in challenging times? The reality is that when you’re under stress and in uncertain times, it can test the resolve of many leaders to remain confident. Both about the short-term viability of the production environment, and the long-term success of the enterprise. […]