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Should You Post Job Openings?
 Should you post job openings? Or should you just appoint the person you think is the best fit? If you decide simply to appoint someone to a position without posting it first, you’ll end up getting a backlash of negativity for not posting it for others to consider. It’s[...]
Be The Leader of Choice
 In today’s Leader Feeder, we’ll look at how you can be the leader of choice to help you recruit and retain talented workers. When the economy is running well, many companies find it a challenge to recruit and retain talented workers. They want to be the employer of choice.[...]
New Manager, New Department
Read, watch, or both: the following is a transcript of the above video. We’re going to look at the challenges when managers are assigned to new or different locations, departments or divisions inside your company, what’s good about it, and how to approach making changes. If you’re reassigned as a[...]
Even when the leader is trained to be a more effective communicator, it is quite possible that the leader’s frustration with employees might derail any improvement in communication skills. Without training everyone on how to be a better communicator, the leader can take some steps to help ensure that employees[...]
As you might imagine, as a paid expert on communication and leadership, I get some well earned ribbing at home from my wife Robin because of my poor listening skills as a husband and father. Once I made the comment that she just didn’t pay me as well as my[...]
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