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Working Hard to Avoid Hard Work
 Do some of your workers work hard at not working rather than simply doing the work that you’ve assigned? You may have seen this in your working career, where someone makes a significant effort to only do the bare minimum. The following three examples might be hard to believe,[...]
Be The Leader of Choice
 In today’s Leader Feeder, we’ll look at how you can be the leader of choice to help you recruit and retain talented workers. When the economy is running well, many companies find it a challenge to recruit and retain talented workers. They want to be the employer of choice.[...]
Stop Complaining About the Other Shift
 Does your team complain about how the other shift leaves your department in terms of messiness, low inventory or lack of supplies? In this leader feeder, we’re going to learn why you should stop complaining about the other shift. When the employees on your shift complain about the previous one, do you[...]
Given the recent awful business environment, companies hunkered down into survival mode, cutting expenses and waiting for business conditions to improve. Expectations were reduced to match reality. Now with the economy stabilizing and beginning to expand again business leaders will need to awaken their organization to its true potential in[...]
If you missed our live seminar and webinar, now is your opportunity to purchase the recorded version of the one-hour webinar. Watch it personally or get your team together and watch as a group. Click here to preview the program video and purchase it now. This presentation covers the following[...]
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