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Don’t Blame the Customer

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Don’t Blame the Customer

I had the pleasure of attending a social event connected to a convention I was attending in Calgary. The organizers had planned an entertainment-packed evening at a “cowboy ranch” with gun slinging cowboys, a comedian, a live auction, and for those who were brave enough, a mechanical bull. All the proceeds were to go to […]

How to Combat Being a Commodity

Do your customers keep pressuring you to reduce prices by saying that they are getting more favourable terms from your competitor? It is in the buyer’s best interest to convince you that what you provide is a commodity. That way, they transfer more profit margin from your company to their’s. Is what you provide really […]

Finish Strong in 2009 and Set Up for Success in 2010

A new business season is upon us and with it comes some old challenges and some new ones. Here are three action steps to achieve a strong finish in 2009 and set your organization up for a great year in 2010. 1. Get a Recovery and Growth Mindset Now is the time for you and […]

New Audio Program Helps You Get Buy-in to Your Great Ideas

Have you experienced the situation where you think you have been clear in communicating what you want and need, only to be disappointed and frustrated when others do not buy in enthusiastically? Even the most thought-out, logical arguments might create unexpected resistance. That’s exactly why Dr. Peter DeShane and I collaborated to create a brand […]