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Back to School for Supervisors

Back to School for Supervisors Back to School for Supervisors

 It’s September and the kids are going back to school. Should you go back to school as a supervisor? Instead of being known as the average supervisor, aspire to be something greater. This can be achieved by going “back to school” and challenging some of the things that you have believed to be true […]

Rekindle Your HR Dreams

Rekindle Your HR Dreams Rekindle Your HR Dreams

 Are your dreams as an HR professional still alive and sparking curiosity, or have you become negative and cynical in your role? People usually become HR professionals for a variety of reasons. The first one being you want to make a difference. You probably like people. Perhaps you wanted to attract or make an […]

Is Virtual Training Here to Stay?

Is Virtual Training Here to Stay? Is Virtual Training Here to Stay

 When restrictions are reduced, will companies go back to in-person meetings and training sessions? Or will it stay virtual? Let’s examine the trend of e-books. In the e-book industry, they predicted that everyone would be reading them. But what happened? They certainly grew, but at the end of the day, they only represent a […]

Maximizing Leadership Training Impact

Maximizing Leadership Training Impact

 What factors make the difference when it comes to the success of leadership training in your organization? How can you as a manager ensure that your leadership team gets the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to leadership training? Here are the three biggest insights we’ve gained over the past 30 plus […]

Detoxing from Autocratic Leadership

Detoxing from Autocratic Leadership

Adjusting to a new leader can be challenging – especially when the leadership styles are polar opposites. An autocratic leader is usually somebody who’s very direct, perhaps abrasive and abrupt. More and more companies are making the tough decision to replace their most autocratic leaders with more participative leaders who use a coaching approach instead […]