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Attracting Greater Success

In the last few weeks, there has been a lot of buzz about a book and movie called The Secret – Oprah has run at least three shows on it ad it was on Larry King as well.The Secret is basically the law of attracting what you want into your life by focusing your mind […]

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Confronting Employee Performance Problems

Managers often struggle when they have to give someone corrective feedback at work. Let’s look at how to take some of the pain out of the process. First of all, managers need to realize that by not confronting a performance issue it hurts the employee who may not know they aren’t performing, it hurts the […]

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Getting promoted – from being a buddy to a boss

It is common, especially when employees are promoted into a management or supervisory position, they often have trouble with the transition from being a buddy to being a boss. Q: Do they become too soft on people, or too tough? A: It can be both, some let the promotion go to their head and get […]

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Positive Leadership in Challenging Times

One thing that differentiates leaders from everyone else is their ability to look beyond today’s challenges and set a positive tone for future success. This is not just putting a positive spin on gloomy news – this is seeing the possibility of future success and leading people there. Windsor has seen its share of ups […]

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Asking for a raise at work

I had a listener ask me for some help on how she should ask for a raise at work. So I thought it would be good to tackle the issue of how to ask for a raise at work and also, as a manager, what to do when your employee asks for a raise. Q: […]

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Do you attract or repel talented employees?

As we approach an employment market where some of our most talented and experienced workers will retire, it will become even more crucial to attract and retain talented staff. So how attractive does your company rate? Do your leaders live up to the promises made during the recruiting and hiring process? Let’s examine how leaders […]

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Passive personality types and an upcoming seminar

Continuing with last week’s topic, I will recap the openness and directness scale and the Director and Socializer personalities. Then there are two personality styles that are more indirect and passive: Thinker – the thinker is indirect and less open – they like working on their own. They like being immersed into complex projects and […]

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Adapting to Different Personality Styles at Work

This week I thought we could look at different personalities at work. There are two main observations you can make to determine a person’s dominant personality characteristics: First – you can observe how open a person is – how readily do they share information, including personal information – are they open or self-contained? This is […]

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How to overcome resistance to change at work

Change is a problem at work because it disrupts existing habits. The subconscious mind memorizes routines we carry out regularly – this is why you can drive to work and not remember how you got there – your subconscious took over and memorized. This also explains why it is so difficult to quit smoking, change […]

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Making Impossible Business Targets Possible

As the new year rolls around, most businesses start a new budget year, usually with targets even higher than last year’s numbers. Many managers get a little anxious about how they can hit these targets. So let’s look at some ways that managers can replace worry with strategy and make those impossible targets possible. There […]

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