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Maintain Stress Resilience During a Crisis
Today, we’re going to be talking about stress-resiliency. In the video and podcast related to this week’s episode, you’ll see and hear the interview I did with stress resilience expert Brad Coulbeck. Brad is the author of the book The Resilient Mind: How to Achieve Success by Building Mental and[...]
The Fix For Frustration And Roadblocks
Why should you as a leader, focus on eliminating frustrations and roadblocks for your team? Front line supervisors should be focused on making it easier for their teams to achieve results. Employees can get irritated when, despite their best efforts, the system seems to block them from being able to[...]
Put A Stop To Unwanted Chatter
What do you do when people take too much time socializing when they should be working? It’s a tough situation because most people think a little bit of socializing is okay, it’s only when it gets carried away that it becomes a problem. This is all based on the concept[...]
Get Employees To Do Jobs They Don’t Like
How do you, as the leader, get people to do the less desirable jobs on your team? Inevitably, there are some jobs employees prefer not to do. It’s important you rotate employees through those less desirable jobs so it doesn’t create favoritism or reverse favoritism punishment. How can you reduce[...]
Dealing With Dominant Personalities
How can you as a front line supervisor deal with dominant personalities on your team? There are two types of defensiveness people use to protect themselves. Passive defensive, and aggressive defensive. We’re not going to focus on passive defensive, which simply means  the person protects themself by laying low and[...]