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avoid being an abrasive leader

Avoid Being An Abrasive Leader

What’s the difference between being driven and being abrasive? You have likely met people who are very ambitious, and you may be one of them. However, there is a fine line between being driven and being abrasive. If you end up crossing this line from being passionate and driven to being abrasive, it prevents people […]

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Continuous Improvement

Who should own continuous improvement? This might go for other departments and functions within your organization. Let us examine a different question. Who owns your health? The doctor, or you? In reality, it is your health. You have to take primary responsibility for it, even if your doctor is your consultant or advisor to help […]

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how to deal with difficult employees

How to Deal with Difficult Employees

How do you deal with employees who have short fuses? You likely know someone who has a short fuse. They end up blowing up over small issues, or they overreact to an announcement that you make in your workgroup. How can you as a leader not allow that to aggravate you, and how do you […]

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promoted from within

Leaders Promoted from Within

Congratulations, you just got promoted to be the supervisor of your work team, but how are you going to be successful in that new role? There are several challenges that face every new supervisor. Leading your former coworkers is one of them. After all, you used to work alongside them and commiserated with them, but […]

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start the day strong

Start the Day Strong

How can you use a shift start meeting to get your day off to a great start? Shift start meetings or toolbox meetings are a great opportunity for you to get the shift off to a good start and get your team members ready to contribute and achieve their goals. You’ve likely seen both less […]

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focus on collaboration not competition

Focus on Collaboration, Not Competition

Why should you focus your team on collaboration and not on competition? Some leaders believe that employees will perform better if they have rivalries with other teams. They will have things like crew of the month or employee of the month, really thinking that if they are competing against each other, it will bring out […]

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what is winning to you

What is Winning to You?

How can you focus your team on winning the day? Most companies want to win, and most team members want to win – but they don’t have a clear idea of what winning each day means. They are just going through the methods and processes without knowing that what they do is making a significant difference […]

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resolving conflict

Resolving Conflict

How do you resolve a conflict or a disagreement between two of your team members? Today, people have shorter fuses due to the underlying worry and anxiety that comes along with the COVID-19 situation. If people on your team are losing it too easily, it is probably because of that underlying anxiety. When two employees […]

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build strong relationships

Build Strong Relationships

What do the people you interact with on a regular basis need from you, and how can you strengthen those relationships? If you can build strong relationships with everyone you interact with, it will make it a lot easier to get things done. You will be able to get things you need more quickly and […]

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Is Virtual Training Here to Stay

Is Virtual Training Here to Stay?

When restrictions are reduced, will companies go back to in-person meetings and training sessions? Or will it stay virtual? Let’s examine the trend of e-books. In the e-book industry, they predicted that everyone would be reading them. But what happened? They certainly grew, but at the end of the day, they only represent a third […]

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