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How to Manage Millennials

A lot has been written about the differences in managing millennials. Here are some practical changes you can make as a leader, to manage the younger members of your workforce. First, remember that millennials are also known as generation Y. And Millennials are least likely to like being called a Millennial because there is so […]

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Tips to be Less Sarcastic as a Leader

The leaders in some industries thrive on sarcastic communication. Usually the reason for sarcasm is to lighten things up and inject some humor into a stressful situation. Sarcasm by definition, is when the tone and underlying message don’t match. Lesson learned: I remember back to my first supervisory assignment. My insecurity made me more sarcastic […]

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How to Avoid Being a Bad Boss

In the Front Line Leadership training program we ask participants to think back over all the managers and supervisors they have worked for and tell us what percentage of all those leaders were effective leaders. The consensus is that for most people, half of their leaders have been effective and half were ineffective. So it’s […]

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How to Resolve Conflict Associated with Change and Continuous Improvement

When you introduce change into your workgroup, it will inevitably cause conflict. There will be differences of opinion on the current situation, the future goal and the best method or path to go from where you are now to where you need to be. This type of conflict is healthy because it engages your team […]

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How to Motivate Employees

Most leaders think that employees are only motivated by one thing: money. We can probably all agree that earning money is important in terms of paying bills and living a desired lifestyle. As a front line leader, if we think that employees are only motivated by money we’ll fail to recognize that there are a […]

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Leading by Example

Employees listen with their eyes more than their ears. They watch the example you set more than the words they hear you say. As a front line leader, it is important to walk the talk and practice what you preach. In theory, it is a simple concept — if you tell your employees that you expect them […]

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The Importance of Explaining WHY

Dr Ellen Langer, Harvard Psychology Professor, did an interesting experiment using lineups of students waiting to make photocopies in the Harvard University library. In round one of the experiment, she had one of her graduate students go up to the front of the line and ask, “Can I get in front of you to make […]

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How You Can Offer Praise and Positive Feedback Effectively

Very common in leadership training programs, is the recommendation for leaders to give more praise and positive feedback. It seems like common sense to be more positive, yet many managers and supervisors still focus on the negative. Here are a few reasons why we don’t offer more praise: We don’t get much praise ourselves. We […]

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3 Tips to Help You Become More Self Aware and Self Reflective

Are great leaders born or made? While having certain personality characteristics might make it easier to succeed as a leader, most leaders are made over time, based on their experiences, the training and coaching that they’ve received and through their own self awareness and self reflection. Getting feedback from others can help you be a […]

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Leader Feeder – Three Tips to Help You Become a More Curious Leader

Of all the significant leadership characteristics and behaviors, one of the most important is curiosity. Take the example of a driver cutting off another driver in traffic. Most reactions would be one of anger or aggravation. A curious person might wonder what kind of day that person is having or wonder why they’re in such […]

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