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No Pain No Gain
 Don’t shy away from struggle; it’s good for you and your team. Your growth and your team’s growth comes from the lessons they learn from their struggles. Leading can be a lot like parenting. You want to protect your kids from life’s challenges, but we all know that you[...]
Be The Leader of Choice
 In today’s Leader Feeder, we’ll look at how you can be the leader of choice to help you recruit and retain talented workers. When the economy is running well, many companies find it a challenge to recruit and retain talented workers. They want to be the employer of choice.[...]
To Promote From Within, or Not: That is the Question
Promoting from within is still a good idea, despite many of the pitfalls involved. Most of the people in our training classes report being promoted from within. There are several advantages that come along with it. For instance, they know the work; they have a better understanding of how the[...]
When you hear the word conflict, it has negative associations with words like argument, war, battle, and disagreement. In reality, conflict should be embraced as being essential to a healthy organization. The majority of employees (and many supervisors and managers) avoid conflict because of the assumption that conflict is destructive.[...]
During our vacation this summer we spent a few days in Chicago and spent one of our days at The Field Museum. As we walked through a great exhibit on evolution a couple of quotations caught my eye along with a couple of observations of how successful species who are[...]
Fusion or Fizzle

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