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Passing The Test As A New Leader

Passing The Test As A New Leader Passing the Test as a New Leader - Greg Schinkel

 As a new leader taking over a workgroup, some employees may decide to test you. Passing those tests will establish you as a confident and respected leader. Here are three strategies to help you pass the test as a new leader: The first strategy is to get to know your team and their capabilities. […]

Dealing with Employees Who Just Don’t Get It

Dealing with Employees Who Just Don’t Get It Enlightened Leaders

What happens when you’re enlightened, but you are surrounded by peers who just don’t get it?  Many organizations require help when they are experiencing rapid growth or some other change and pressure. For example, this can happen when a senior leader changes in the organization and they want employees who are on the same […]

Personalities & Change Resistance

Personalities & Change Resistance

 Read, watch, or both: the following is a transcript of the video above. Many leaders wonder why change initiatives take twice as long as they should. The answer might be simpler than you think. A large part depends on personality styles. Many managers and some supervisors are “drivers” — they have a dominant personality […]