Our Distribution Center Sees High Turn Over – Now What?

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Develop a Workplace No One Wants to Leave

Develop a Workplace No One Wants to Leave We did it! Close up photo of builders shaking hands against cheerful colleagues while working together at construction site. Team work.

Do you create a positive, emotional connection with your new hires? You are probably grappling with what is called the “Great Resignation”. Many people are giving notice and changing jobs. The question, is why are they doing that and what are you going to do with your team to make sure that you can retain […]

Combating Entitlement

Combating Entitlement

In this edition of Leader Feeder, let’s look at how you can combat a culture of entitlement. What is entitlement? Entitlement can be defined as thinking you deserve something, without having to actually work for it. Working for something (and achieving it) creates a sense of satisfaction; there’s nothing quite like the feeling of achievement […]

Want a great culture? Focus on these three things

The culture of your organization will either ensure your long term success or potentially leave your organization vulnerable to external threats. An effective culture leads to innovation, agility, great customer service, higher profit margins and high employee engagement. A weak culture creates and reinforces resistance to change, erratic financial performance, high employee absenteeism and turnover, […]