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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays happy holidays

Santa is working on wish lists and things that people want from him this Christmas. That got me thinking, what is it that employees want from their supervisors this holiday season? And not only then, but a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. I think there are three things that are on most […]

How to Create Initiative

How to Create Initiative How to create initiative

 Do you inspire initiative on your team? It is very tempting as a leader to say, “I wish my team would take greater initiative.” But what if you are sending signals that shut down your team’s sense of initiative? Here are three tips to inspire greater initiative on your team: 1. Avoid dismissing their […]

Communication Tips for Effective Leadership

Communication Tips for Effective Leadership Warehouse Workers Walking and Talking

 Communication is an age-old challenge in leadership. The good thing is, there are things that you as a leader can do to become more effective in your communication with your team. Effective communication will help you not only prevent problems and misunderstandings with your team but solve them when they do come up. Follow […]

Let’s Talk Workplace Problem Solving

Let’s Talk Workplace Problem Solving Two men wearing hardhats and talking

 Instead of complaining about problems, try converting them into projects to improve your department. Here are three tips for converting problems into projects. Tip number one: don’t just accept the problem, be determined to fix it. It can be tempting to complain about things that frustrate you instead of looking for a solution, but […]