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Smart Manufacturing – Smart Supervisors
Read, watch, or both: the following is a transcript of the above video. As technology accelerates, many producers are embracing smart manufacturing. As enthusiastic as you might be about implementing the new technology, not everyone will feel the same way. Involved in the process will be people such as continuous[...]
How to Avoid Micromanaging
No one likes being micromanaged but many people report being micromanaged. So how do you, as a leader, ensure your team achieves the desired results without having to supervise every little detail? Read, watch, or both: the following a transcript of the video. If you’ve ever gone on a road[...]
If you are like me, your ability to listen fluctuates from being an excellent and attentive listener to being distracted and disinterested. And most of the time, we aren’t fooling anyone – they can tell if we are really listening. I’ve also noticed in myself, that my listening skills tend[...]
Fortunately the majority of employees are motivated, pleasant and productive. Unfortunately, the small number of employees with attitude, behavior and performance problems can disproportionately and negatively impact the front line supervisor/manager. Should you accept or correct unacceptable behaviors? Dealing with difficult employee behaviors is a challenge for most supervisors and[...]
For all the productivity improvements technology has brought us, there is a dark side and it is impacting employee engagement and management effectiveness. I’m talking about the tendency to send emails instead of going and talking to people. In extreme cases it might even be to the person in the[...]
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