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Proactive vs. Reactive Leaders
 Ask yourself, are you proactive or reactive as a leader? How much of your time is spent reacting to problems versus being more proactive in the leadership of your department? Let’s look at how you can shift some of your attention to being more proactive and less reactive. Effects[...]
Accountability: Pitfalls at the Front Line
Accountability means receiving consequences for one’s actions, behaviors, or results. If a team member demonstrates good behaviors and results, front line leaders should offer praise and positive reinforcement. If the results aren’t what they should be, or the pace of work isn’t where it needs to be, or the behaviors[...]
How To Provide More Recognition At Work
 Read, watch, or both: the text below is a transcript of the video above. You don’t have to go to many management or leadership classes to learn that more positive feedback is something that all leaders should be using to motivate their team and encourage them to hit even[...]
I was reflecting back on some pre-training interviews with different organizations in the past two weeks. One theme was common – lack of positive feedback.   Of all the leadership tools at the manager’s disposal, positive feedback is one of the least expensive and highest payback actions. Instead of focusing[...]
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