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The Importance of Productivity
 Productivity should be a major focal point for virtually every leader, because your team’s output has a direct impact on revenue and cost. Productivity is how much output your team can generate within the resources you have available. The more you can produce with the resources available, the greater[...]
Could laziness be the most powerful motivator of all? And if it is, how can you use this to your advantage? As a people watcher have you ever noticed that the majority of people gravitate to the easiest way of accomplishing a task?
You’ve likely heard the expression, “What get’s measured, gets managed.” And yet, if you pay attention to the wrong metrics or measurements, it can distract both management and employees from desired behaviors. Metrics provide management with the key information needed to make decisions and assess performance in the business. Paying attention[...]
Having just wrapped up two more Front Line Leadership programs, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of potential in the leaders taking the course. One of the requirements of graduation is for each participant to document how they have applied elements of the course and the impact it[...]
The news media has been reporting that Canadian productivity gains are embarrassingly low. Instead of viewing this as abstract information that is irrelevant to you, why not take up the challenge to boost productivity. You may not have a choice anyway. The Conference Board of Canada predicts that by 2031,[...]
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