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Front Line Leadership – Applying The Learning

Applying The Learning

Insights and Commitments

Training participants document specific insights and action items from each session. They share this with their manager and put new behaviors into immediate application on the job.

Multimedia and Video

Your front line leaders will enjoy how we incorporate videos – many that we have produced and some Hollywood clips as well. They will actually look forward to attending every training session.

Measurable Projects

As an option, each participant can select a management-approved project that generates a measurable return on investment. In this way the training pays for itself many times over.

Application Journals

Participants are expected to document what they apply from the training and the impact on their department. This ensures accountability and provides documented evidence that the training generated the desired results.

Coaching Meetings

In order to help the managers reinforce the training, we provide coaching notes, and encourage a brief coaching conversation between training sessions.

Individual Development Plans

If you want your people to take a longer term view of their leadership development we can help them create an Individual Development Plan and share it with their manager and human resources.

Live In-class Polling

Your participants will be engaged using live, in-class electronic polling. Utilizing the latest in learning technology allows us to maximize buy in and participation from all participants.


When training is viewed as a process instead of an event, it will be more likely to create a more positive and more proactive leadership approach in your supervisors, managers and team leaders. To support a sustainable change we can provide follow-on sessions periodically so your team is continuously learning.