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Public Workshops & Courses

Enrol your team

Public Workshops & Courses

Front Line Leadership

Enroll your front line supervisors, managers and team leaders in the two-day Front Line Leadership program which is offered in several cities in Canada and in the United States.

The course covers all the essential leadership topics your team needs including:

  • Expectations of a front line leader
  • Leading by example
  • Balancing leadership and friendship
  • Effective communication and listening skills
  • Correcting unacceptable behavior and performance
  • Managing conflict
  • Empowerment and accountability
  • Creating an effective team, reducing silos and effective shift handoff
  • Leading Change and Overcoming Resistance
  • and much more
  • Download the Full Course Outline
What's Included

What’s Included

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How Your Team will Apply Their Learning

Application Journals

Application Journals

Participants will document how they have applied the course concepts and the impact on their team.

Coaching Conversation

Coaching Conversation

Participants will share with their manager the key insights gained from the training, their leadership strengths assessment, their vision for their department and how they are planning to apply the training back on the job.



The training day is from 9AM to 4:30 each day


Accommodation is available at or near the training site

Dress Code

Dress code is casual (Denim may be restricted in certain venues)


Morning, afternoon and lunch breaks with refreshments are provided



($1,250CAD plus HST)

Each for 1 or 2 participants



($1,135CAD plus HST)

Each for 3 or more participants

attending from the same company, including if they attend sessions in different cities. If participants are attending in different cities, contact us to register and receive your discounted rate.

Once enrolled refunds are not permitted however substitutions are welcome at any time.

Have a group of 10 or more supervisors to train, why not have us deliver it onsite?

Upcoming Course Dates and Locations

Highland Country Club: June 26th and 27th, 2019