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Answer the ‘Why?’
I’m sure I used to drive my mom and dad a little crazy as a child because I used to ask “Why?” so often. It turns out that kids aren’t the only ones who want to know why. Employees are more likely to be engaged when they are informed and understand the reason you ask them to do something.
Any parent has experienced the exasperation of a child who asks “why” incessantly. In frustration, the response may eventually become, “because I said so!”
As it turns out employees also want to know why – they just don’t always ask out loud. Instead of asking why, they simply don’t do what you want. This makes the leader frustrated and impacts results.
Most people resist being told what to do without a good reason. Some leaders might mistakenly think that employees should just do what they are told. Research shows that giving employees a reason will increase their willingness to do what you want.
There is a bigger reason to share the reason with your employees – it helps them connect their work to the overall purpose of your organization. Without that connection it becomes easier for employees to tune out and simply go through the motions.
Employees have such a need to know what is going on they will make up their own information – its called gossip or the grapevine.
So fill in the blanks for them – explain why – and watch compliance and engagement increase.
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