Experts in Front Line Leadership

Three Tips for Shop Floor On-the-Job Training
One way to help your team achieve the expectations that you have of them, is to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform. Training is important; however, there’s a tremendous effectiveness gap in most skills training. Most employees who receive training are motivated to do well[...]
Tips for Increasing Accountability in Your Team
In order for someone to be accountable, they need to receive the consequences of their actions. The team members need to see a direct link between their behavior and the consequences of those behaviors. Most of the time when we think of consequences, we think of punishment but in reality,[...]
Three Tips for Creating a Positive Work Environment
What can you do to create a positive work environment for your team? People would prefer to work in a positive environment more than in a negative one. You, as a frontline leader, have a tremendous impact on the attitude of your work group. Even if the overall climate in[...]
Three Tips for Dealing with a Person with Aggressive Behavior
Learning how to deal with aggressive behavior in your team members, your peers or even your manager will contribute to a healthier organization. Our company has expertise in providing coaching for abrasive and aggressive managers. In our Front Line Leadership program, we do an activity from a company called Human[...]
Three Tips to Avoid Silos
Silos can form in your organization where there is unintended competition or rivalries between departments, production teams, locations and shifts. Think of a grain silo sitting outside a barn in the country. The function of the silo is to separate and protect the good contents on the inside and keep away[...]