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Taking Over After A Bad Boss
 It can be a challenge to follow a bad manager but you can help the team excel and enjoy a more positive future. How do you take over a department from a weak leader who preceded you? First of all, assuming that you’re going to be more effective than[...]
Motivating Multiple Generations
 Motivating Millennials, Gen Z, and more seasoned workers requires different approaches. This is a common question we’re asked: How do you motivate a multi-generation workforce, especially while integrating the millennials with the more seasoned workers in your group? First of all, retirements are accelerating. It’s estimated in the United[...]
Safety Drives Employee Engagement
 Show your team that safety is much more than checking the box. Do you want to really motivate your team? Emphasize safety and safe work practices to your team because you care about their well-being. When leaders focus on safety, it tells employees that leadership cares about them. Within[...]
You Might Be A Micromanager
 No one likes being micromanaged, but could you be micromanaging without knowing it? Are you a micromanager? Or perhaps you’re micromanaged? I have asked the question, “Do you like being micromanaged?” many times. I have yet to find anyone in one of our classes who raises their hand and[...]
Stop Blaming the Old-Timers
 Your longer-serving workers might have a reason to be negative, but you can change that. Do you talk negatively about the long-serving employees in your organization? I was doing some work recently with a group of leaders, and we were discussing the need to stay positive even when surrounded[...]
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