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Build On Positives
 Why should leaders focus on building on positives instead of focusing on negatives? There is a lot of power in building on positives instead of negatives. There are two questions you can ask yourself and your work group that will help unlock extra motivation and future success. Question number[...]
Stop Telling, Start Asking
 What is one simple tip to help increase both the motivation and accountability of your team? You should be asking questions, not making statements. One of the biggest concerns that people express in our workshops is that their employees constantly bring them questions or problems or decisions that the[...]
Act With Urgency
 It’s important for you as a leader to act with urgency. Not only is it important for what you need to do as a leader, you also want to set the pace for your team and challenge them to get more done in less time. Remember that safety takes[...]
Buddy Buddy Boss
 Many leaders want to be best friends with the people who work for them, but is there a downside to being a “buddy buddy” boss? Let’s look at just how close your friendships should be when you are the leader of a group. First, let’s be clear: we want[...]
No More Maintenance Department
 Should you consider disbanding your maintenance department to integrate them with production? I realize this could be viewed as a controversial idea or statement. Leading companies are already looking at how to disband their maintenance departments and essentially assign those maintenance technicians to support the production line. Not all[...]
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