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Onsite and Virtual Workshops

The #1 choice for HR professionals in front line leadership training in manufacturing, distribution and operations

Your front line leaders are the face of your company’s leadership for most of your workforce. They impact employee engagement, productivity and retention. Most have been promoted based on their technical skills only to struggle with the leadership aspects of their job.

We can help.

The #1 choice for HR professionals in front line leadership training in manufacturing, distribution and operations

Choose from our most in demand topics or have us create a customized program just for you.

Designed for your supervisors, team leaders, and managers, our onsite and virtual training workshops result in:

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    More confident, consistent and effective front line leaders

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    Increased productivity and engagement

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    A more agile, change-ready organization

With our in-person and virtual workshops, you are in control

  • Train either one group or multiple groups (helps with multi-shift and continuous operations).
  • Schedule half-day, full-day, or multi-day sessions to suit your organizational needs and ensure production coverage.
  • Have training delivered live in-person or virtually to reach leaders at remote locations.
  • Select the topics and sequence of delivery.
  • Deliver the training all at once, or spread it out over weeks, months or even years.
  • Have us deliver the onsite leadership training or license the program for delivery by your training team.
  • Sustain learning with refresher sessions, ongoing access to our front line leadership video library, and public workshops.
  • Available in English, Spanish and French.

Training is not a one-time event it’s a process

Our onsite and virtual front line leadership training delivers maximum impact and return on investment with ongoing application and accountability:


Leader Behavior Builder

Your front line leaders will set commitments to apply the training concepts and enhance the productivity and engagement of their team. A growth report will quantify their improvement.


Coaching/Check-in Conversations

Ongoing coaching/check-in conversations are an essential component of high performance organizations. Each participant meets with their manager to discuss key insights, leadership strengths, and how they intend to apply their learning.


Individual Development Plans

Successful front line leaders adopt a long-term view. Encourage participants to create and share individual plans to develop their leadership capabilities.


Tangible Projects

Maximize the tangible savings from your onsite training. This option has your front line leaders select individual or team projects for sustainable improvements in their department.

Configure your training program to suit your organization's needs. Choose from our most in-demand topics or consider other helpful topics that will increase your leaders' abilities:

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    Expectations of a Front Line Leader

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    Winning the Day

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    Leading by Example

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    Leadership Styles

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    Motivating and Engaging Employees

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    Effective Communication

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    Leading Change

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    Addressing Behavior and Performance Issues

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    Accountability, Empowerment and Training

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    Managing Conflict

Customized training programs are available to achieve your desired outcomes, incorporating your terminology, logo, and identity.

Our tailored programs are delivered onsite or virtually by our team or licensed to your organization for delivery by your training team.

Contact Greg to See how we can configure a solution that works with your specific needs and schedule.

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See how we can configure a solution that works with your specific needs and schedule.

Only have a few employees requiring front line leadership training?

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