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The #1 choice for HR professionals in front line leadership training in manufacturing, distribution and operations.

People don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad leaders. Best-in-class organizations understand that leadership training is essential to transform the employee experience and create a healthy workplace culture where people stay and thrive.

But the demands of the floor can make it impractical for your front line leaders to attend onsite or in-person training.

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Our Front Line Leadership On Demand Program is ideal for businesses that:

  • Have a limited budget for onsite or in-person training.
  • Can’t spare your front line leaders for a few days, especially during busy seasons.
  • Are committed to the development of their leadership teams.

Front line leadership training, delivered to your desktop each month.

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HR is facing the perfect storm of staff shortages and challenges in talent retention.

The key to employee engagement, motivation and productivity lies in the performance of your front line leaders.

Our Front Line Leadership On Demand Program:

  • Equips your front line leaders with the skills they need to build a collaborative, cohesive team.

  • Helps you to create a more engaged and motivated workforce.

  • Increases employee retention and reduces turnover.

  • Empowers your organization to achieve stronger operating results.

Delivered in 10 monthly modules, your front line leaders will learn:

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    Expectations of A Front Line Leader

  • gear

    Winning the Day

  • gear

    Leading by Example

  • gear

    Leadership Styles

  • gear

    Motivating and Engaging Employees

  • gear

    Communicating Effectively

  • gear

    Leading Change

  • gear

    Addressing Behavior and Performance Issues

  • gear

    Accountability, Empowerment, and Training

  • gear

    Managing Conflict

Two men engineer talking in modern factory. Production line machine and setting it for work.

For individuals. For your team.

Each module offers an engaging blend of videos, light reading, activities, reflections, helpful visuals, downloadable content and quizzes to ensure that no matter the learning style, learners will benefit from the program.

Practical tools and resources cover every aspect of what it takes to become a successful front line leader.

Exclusive Bonus: Monthly Zoom Working Session

To celebrate the launch of our Front Line Leadership On Demand Program, we are including a monthly, one-hour Zoom working session hosted by our CEO and leadership expert Greg Schinkel for all learners who register before February 24, 2023.

These exclusive sessions give all participants the opportunity to:

  • Discuss their key learning points from each module.
  • Share how those points have been applied.
  • Explore solutions to the challenges they face in their unique context.

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Front Line Leadership Training is a process, not an event

Applying the skills learned in each module is a vital element of our On Demand leadership training.

Leader Behavior Builder™ System

After each module has been completed, your front line leaders will commit to changing one leadership behaviour.

HR Managers will receive a report each month, which outlines the commitment made and demonstrates how individual skills are expanding as participants move through the modules.


Logistics for On Demand Learning

Training modules will be released once a month to allow participants the time to absorb and apply the learning in their own context.

Participants receive an email each month containing a link to the next module in the Front Line Leadership On Demand Program platform.

Monthly one-hour working sessions are delivered using Zoom. We provide a tutorial to help the participant navigate the system.

For the best learning experience, each person should have their own computer (laptop, desktop or tablet) and headset.

A graduation certificate is provided upon successful completion of all 10 modules.


(CAD $1,249 plus HST)

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