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Does Your Workplace Have Stupid Rules?
 How can you get your newer employees to identify stupid rules? You could make your workplace more appealing and discover opportunities to improve things by tapping into the fresh perspectives that newer workers bring to the workplace. A new person joining your workplace is going to have a totally[...]
Logic VS Gut Feeling
 Is it better to listen to your gut, or should you go with what the data says? Your gut is a culmination of all the experiences you’ve had and the emotions that went along with those experiences. Your gut does tell you a lot, and your intuition is important.[...]
Your Greatest Leadership Successes
 No doubt you’ve learned from your mistakes, but what have you learned from your successes? There is a treasure trove of learning you can get by reflecting on your past successes. You’ve heard the expression, “you learn a lot from your mistakes”, and certainly a lot of your leadership[...]
A Supervisor’s Most Valuable Tool
Front line supervisors, managers and team leaders can have a positive impact on their success if they use one simple tool as part of their daily management routine: a pocket-sized notebook. The most obvious use of this notebook will be to document issues that support progressive discipline but that’s only[...]
Words Leaders Should Never Say
 What are the words that leaders should never say? Let’s look at some of the things that leaders say that they absolutely should not say. Leaders might say things that cause permanent relationship damage in their team or in their relationship with their colleagues or even with their boss.[...]
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