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No More Maintenance Department
 Should you consider disbanding your maintenance department to integrate them with production? I realize this could be viewed as a controversial idea or statement. Leading companies are already looking at how to disband their maintenance departments and essentially assign those maintenance technicians to support the production line. Not all[...]
From Peer To Leader
 How do you transition from being a peer to being a leader? When you say yes to a leadership role, you’re going to be evaluated on how well you achieve results through others. Before being a leader, you only had to focus on your own work. I’ve got a[...]
Helping Or Harping?
 When you think of supportive leaders in your life, what did they do? Chances are, they were willing to come alongside and help you figure out how to get results. In other words, they were helping not harping. A servant leader mindset is an interesting perspective on leadership. In[...]
Tattletale Team Members
 What should you do as a leader when you have tattletale team members? Today let’s talk about this double-edged sword of having tattletale team members on your team. In some instances, a team member who tells on another can actually be helpful for you as a leader because you[...]
Dealing With Negative Employees
 Dealing with negative and complaining employees is one of the top frustrations that leaders face. How can you, as a leader, combat the negativity and complaining that you hear from your team? Remember that people who are negative don’t think of themselves as being negative. They just think they’re[...]
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