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Have You Ever…

Have you ever wanted to play guitar after watching Eddie Van Halen masterfully own it?

Or inspire a movement after hearing Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream?

Or paint a masterpiece after seeing the Sistine Chapel ceiling and feeling absolutely, unequivocally speechless?


Each person wholeheartedly loved what they did.

And their love inspired you.

That’s the experience your customers should be having whenever they interact with your employees.

Is that happening?

Is It Time for a Culture Adjustment?

If your organization is dealing with any of these issues:

  • Costly turn-over
  • Declining customer service
  • Rising employee absenteeism
  • Dwindling employee engagement
  • Erratic financial performance
  • Escalating complaints to your HR department

Your company culture could be at the root of your organization’s problems.

Pulse Check with Third-Party Employee Culture Surveys

Employee culture surveys conducted by a third party:

  • Adds an important buffer in-between managers and employees
  • Ensures confidentiality so employees are more likely to be open and honest
  • Secures neutrality so results will be perceived as unbiased
Worker man in hardhat and safety vest holding laptop and two-way radio, Foreman control loading containers box from cargo

10 Years Experience Conducting Employee Culture Surveys

Coaching Conversation


Transparency on organizational needs that you can action with confidence

Portrait of an handsome engineer working in metal industry factory


Decreased turnover and complaints to HR due to captivated employees who enjoy their work and the people they work with

Factory worker signing document in industrial hall


Employees who love where they work inspire customers to love the company, too

Employee Culture Survey Process


We’ll discuss your objectives and determine the best questions to ask to meet your objectives


We’ll conduct the survey and analyze the data


We’ll report back the findings and make recommendations to improve your company’s culture

Frequently Asked Questions

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