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Leadership Coaching for Aggressive or Abrasive Front Line Leaders

Help your managers lead more constructively so your team members are engaged and motivated.

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57% of people leave jobs because of their manager

And…32 percent haven’t quit yet, but have seriously considered it.

What is this costing you?

Amy Lieu, “57 percent of people quit their jobs ‘specifically’ because of their managers, study found,” last modified December 12, 2019,

Two manual workers talking while cooperating during quality control inspection in steel factory.

Staff turnover is costing your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars a year

According to the Work Institute’s 2020 Retention Report, one staff turnover will typically cost employers about 30% of an employee’s annual salary.

Let’s break this down.

If you have 10 people quitting per year who earn $50,000 each, your organization is losing at least $150,000 per year.

And this is a conservative estimate.

Coaching just one person can have far-reaching effects

When your front line leader is open to being coached, the impact on your organization can be phenomenal.


Reduction in HR complaints


Decrease in turnover


Success rate

Transform your leaders from Abrasive to Approachable

Ensuring Fit

Ensuring fit

We’ll have a conversation to make sure we’re the best choice for you

Goals & Action Plan

Goals & Action Plan

Together we’ll determine the result you want to achieve and how to get there



This is where the change in behavior starts to happen

Worker man in hardhat and safety vest holding laptop and two-way radio, Foreman control loading containers box from cargo


Ongoing conversation between the individual, their manager and the coach

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