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Front line supervisors struggle with the following issues:

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    Correcting unacceptable behavior and performance

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    Managing conflict

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    Reducing high turnover, retaining talent

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    Implementing change initiatives

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    Clearly communicating expectations with trust and respect

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    Motivating and engaging their team

If your front line supervisors have the right technical skills, but they do not have the skills to manage their teams well, this will affect your bottom line and the future success of your company.

With more than 30 years of experience training front line leaders in the manufacturing, distribution and operations industries, we see first hand the challenges many companies face.

Most front line leaders have been promoted based on their technical skills only to struggle with the leadership aspects of their job. And that can have an impact on employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Leader's Vision

Our front line leadership training solutions strengthen your front line leaders to:

  • Communicate with trust and respect
  • Correct unacceptable behavior and performance
  • Resolve conflict constructively
  • Increase accountability and a sense of ownership
  • Motivate and engage their team to hit their numbers
  • Lead change initiatives with enthusiasm
  • Balance leadership and friendship – how to lead your former co-workers
  • Set a positive example for their team

and many more…

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