Accelerating Operational Performance

Hosted by Greg Schinkel, President of Unique Training and Development and Front Line Leadership Systems USA

Dive into the podcast that’s exploring real operational leadership issues and opportunities with real operational leaders.

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operation leadership reimagined

Operational Leadership, Reimagined

The Accelerating Operational Performance podcast, hosted by leadership author and expert Greg Schinkel, is your destination for breakthrough strategies in manufacturing, supply chain, and operational leadership. Here, a diverse array of guests delivers a trifecta of value in every episode: accelerating projects, engaging teams, and enhancing leadership skills for a stress-reduced path to success.

Why Listen to the Accelerating Operational Performance Podcast?


Accelerate Improvement Initiatives
Discover innovative ways to fast-track your operational projects and initiatives. Each episode is filled with actionable insights that aim to propel your performance and success to new heights.

accelerate improvement initiatives

Team Engagement
Learn about the vital link between the value your team creates and their motivation and engagement levels. It's about building a workforce that is not only productive but also deeply invested in the collective mission.


Personal and Professional Growth
Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your current role and seamlessly transition into future leadership positions. Greg’s goal is to help you navigate your career path with confidence and less stress.