Front Line Leadership Training One-Day Workshops

For organizations looking to address specific training needs and see immediate impact.

82% of employees leave their jobs because of poor leaders

Newly promoted supervisors struggle to adapt to the demands of their role.

Our One-Day workshops are designed to help front line supervisors, leaders, and managers meet the challenges of leading a team on the production floor.
When leaders have the skills to effectively lead their teams, employees feel supported and are more likely to stay with the organization.

Our in-person and virtual One-Day Workshops result in:


More confident and consistent front line leaders

Conflicts and behavioral issues are managed more effectively


Higher levels of talent retention

Teams are more cohesive, employee engagement increases


Enhanced performance and productivity

Empowered front line leaders implement change initiatives

Close the front line leadership skills gap

Today's organizations face competing challenges of labour shortage, high staff turnover, missed performance targets, and increased customer demands.

Create a workplace culture where your employees can thrive.

Our One-Day Workshops are ideal for companies looking for intensive, interactive supervisor training that targets the challenges your organization is facing.

  • At your convenience

    Book your workshop to fit around busy production demands and tight schedules. Choose from in-person or virtual workshops.

  • Supervisor Training

    Focus on the #1 issue challenging your front line leaders. Our One-Day Workshops cover diverse topics such as effective communication for teams, motivating and empowering your team, leading in conflict situations, DEIB, empowerment and accountability, and collaborative problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Reinforce the learning

    90 days of reinforcement with our Leadership Excellence Application Program (LEAP), delivering via our On Demand platform. Recap major themes, strategies, and ideas from the One-Day Workshops so new behaviors become leadership habits.

One-Day Workshops: What's Included?

Supervisor training for one or multiple groups

Full-Day Workshop

With interactive and engaging instructors focusing on your chosen topic.

Days of Reinforcement

With our Leadership Excellence Application Program (LEAP) ensures that training is a process, not a one-time event.

Leader Behavior Builders

Reinforce and support the application of the training to ensure improved leadership behaviors and long-term outcomes.


Choose from in-person or virtual. Spread your virtual workshop over three 2.5-hour or two half-day sessions. Delivered from our state-of-the-art virtual training studio.

One-Day Workshop Topics

Choose from the following front line leadership workshops or ask us about customized workshops to fit your organization's needs.

Bonus Content

To celebrate the launch of our One-Day Workshops, each participant will receive a complimentary copy of Employees Not Doing What You Expect and What Great Supervisors Know to support their learning and leadership development!



per participant

Minimum participants: 12
$245 per additional participant



per participant

Minimum participants: 12
$245 per additional participant

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