Senior Leadership Retreat

You didn't come this far to only go this far

Retreats designed to help your senior leadership run like a well-oiled manufacturing machine, even if it’s a new team.

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Your Company’s Success Depends Upon Your Leaders

Misalignment, misunderstandings and misdirection. These occur easily with new leadership teams or established leaders that are in the thick of things.

Without room to think and regroup, you know your organization is at risk.

Get back on track. Get back to business.

Give your senior leaders the space they need to think, plan and execute on the most important issues to your organization.

So when they return to work, they’ll hit the ground running.

Meet Your Retreat Leaders


Greg Schinkel, CSP

Greg is the president and owner of Unique Training & Development and Front Line Leadership Systems. After purchasing the business in 1992, Greg and his team have grown the business and become the partner of choice for North America’s largest companies, including Kimberly-Clark, Colas Canada, Forterra, Flex-N-Gate, Unilever, and Dollar Tree. He is the author of What Great Supervisors Know, Employees Not Doing What You Expect and Fusion or Fizzle: How Leaders Leverage Training to Ignite Results.

Jason Mackenzie

Jason MacKenzie

Jason does extensive work in the area of Appreciative Inquiry (a way to engage groups of people in self-determined change focusing on what’s working, rather than what’s not working, leading to people co-designing their future) and puts those concepts into practice through his consultancy Adaptive Growth. Jason spent many years in various leadership roles in Magna’s automotive parts manufacturing business.

Get the Lowdown

Duration: ½ day to 2 days
Type: In-person or virtual
Location: For in-person, we recommend offsite at a location of your choice
Investment: Once we have a conversation, this will be provided in the proposal
Topics: Choose from several topics and formats to suit your needs

Your senior leadership retreat can you help you:

  • Achieve ambitious targets
  • Position your organization for change
  • Develop skills to get to the next level
  • Build a collective game plan
  • Build greater accountability
  • Create a shared vision for the future
  • Identify the most promising opportunity areas
  • Gain clarity in expectations
  • Build a coaching culture
  • Deliver accelerated results
  • Improve the performance of the senior leadership team

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re here because what's been done is no longer working

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    Thinking you can run the retreat yourself?

    A self-facilitated retreat usually is less effective because the internal facilitator either lacks credibility with the participants or, if they are one of the participants, they often find it difficult to both lead the group and participate in the discussions.

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    You already have a facilitator—why change?

    Using a facilitator you are comfortable with has its advantages, but sometimes a fresh perspective can benefit the group. And not all consultants and trainers are effective with the nuances of a retreat format.

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    Not sure if a virtual retreat will work?

    There are definite advantages to meeting in person for a retreat.

    But with travel restrictions and busy schedules, moving your retreat online doesn't mean you sacrifice impact and effectiveness.

    Using our multi-camera Virtual Training Studio enables us to deliver high impact retreats using Zoom or Teams.

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