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In the last few weeks, there has been a lot of buzz about a book and movie called The Secret – Oprah has run at least three shows on it ad it was on Larry King as well.

The Secret is basically the law of attracting what you want into your life by focusing your mind on it.

So I thought we could look at ways for leaders to help themselves and their teams become more successful.

The principle behind the law of attraction is that whatever your mind focuses on intently will come to pass. For most of us, studies show that a majority of our thoughts each day are focused on negative things and on our past. If a leader can shift their thinking to the future and envision precisely what they want to see happen, they will increase their chances of that happening.

These visions can be money related, relationship related – the idea is to crystallize in your own mind what you want to see and eliminate the worry and anxiety about what might have happened before and what might happen in the future.

Another technique that is very powerful is visualization. So take your vision and look for images that will reinforce that vision. Make a cheque payable to yourself for a certain amount, take your bank statement and white out the balance and make it what you want. Describe the ideal employee or customer or boyfriend/girlfriend.

Then focus on those things each day – best early and late and pay attention to how the universe responds to that vision throughout the day.

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For more info on The Secret, the book is available at Costco and Chapters/Amazon. The DVD is excellent and was found at chapters. You can watch the 93 min movie online for $5 at: