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The vast majority of bosses don’t intentionally want to make employees miserable – usually it happens completely by accident! Whether it is an act of ‘commission’ or an act of ‘omission’, the results can be destructive.

A front line supervisor, manager or team leader can make things better or worse, both with what they DO and what they DON’T do.

Commit- things you DO and shouldn’t

These errors of ‘commission’ can hurt employees and make the leader’s job more challenging:

  • Destroying teamwork by setting up internal competition instead of getting everyone to focus on achieving their full potential.
  • Answering every question and solving every problem instead of getting employees to learn and grow by thinking for themselves.
  • Being overly sarcastic, cynical and negative instead of being more positive and optimistic and saying it like it is.
  • Being unapproachable by looking either too aggressive or by avoiding eye contact instead of being more approachable and friendly.
  • Overloading good employees and letting poor performers coast instead of proactively confronting the performance issue.

Omit – things you DON’T DO and should

These errors of ‘omission’ can hurt employees and make the leader’s job more challenging:

  • Forgetting to explain ‘WHY’ when asking employees to do something.
  • Waiting for employees to bring problems and questions to you instead of proactively touching base with them every day.
  • Ignoring difficult employees and spending time only with your favorite employees instead of giving attention to all employees.
  • Avoiding decisions and problems, hoping they will take care of themselves.

Being an effective front line leader involves both STOPPING negative behaviors and STARTING more positive ones.