Consequences of government handouts

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I realize that companies like AIG, General Motors and Chrysler have their backs against the wall and face the alternatives of either accepting a government bailout or declaring bankruptcy. Isn’t it interesting the kind of scrutiny they are now and will continue to receive because they said yes to government assistance?

It’s kind of the same if on a personal level you decided to loan a family member a thousand dollars because they were in a tight spot financially and then watched them blow money on a fancy dinner or a weekend getaway.

And even worse is when the government, which has a tough enough time managing its own finances, begins to point fingers at corporations because of their bad financial decisions!

It’s a good thing that Ford Motor Company has so far turned down bailout money. They might actually be able to increase market share while their cross town rivals have to face intense scrutiny over every decision.

All this only illustrates that it is difficult to work against market forces and save people from their own bad decisions.