Getting Breakthrough Results in 2009

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Now that 2008 is behind us, its time to get back to work and make 2009 better than ever.

There are two areas that you can generate breakthrough results in 2009:

1. Customers

In a difficult business environment, customers are very fragile and need to have good reasons to part with their money. They still have money to spend. They just want to make sure they are spending it on the right thing. Instead of just discounting to cut price which hurts margins, think about how you can add extra value. Package your services to anticipate and give customers what they want. It is especially important that your staff treat customers well and be positive. Customers will be stressed out so the last thing they want is negative attitude from staff.

2. Leadership

Tough times calls for great leadership from managers and supervisors. Staff are going to be nervous about their jobs. Develop a plan that you believe will take your organization to the next level. Realize that even if your staff have secure jobs – they might have extra stress at home if their spouse has lost their job. Keep staff informed on what’s going on, what the plan is and encourage them to do their best. Emphasize both efficiency and effectiveness – doing the right thing and doing things as efficiency as possible.

The Business Breakthrough Seminar

February 26th – a full day seminar at the Caboto Club brought to you by AM800. It’s for managers, supervisors, sales people and customer service people. We will focus on how to generate more business, how to motivate staff, how to serve customers more effectively and how to build the ultimate network. The investment is $199 per person and tickets are at