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It’s the time of year when many companies have their holiday Christmas party so I thought we could share some tips to help you enjoy and steer clear of any pitfalls – potential career limiting moves:

1. Don’t drink too much – For many people, the draw of an open bar encourages them to drink way more than they should. Being drunk tends to bring out behaviour that will be noticed by others but not in a good way.

2. What you say can be held against you. You have the right to remain silent – okay maybe being silent is a bit extreme. Many presidents of companies have told me about the really dumb things employees have said and done at the company Christmas party – it really can make other people think less of you. Look at point number one – if booze gives you liquid courage to say things you shouldn’t – then don’t drink too much.

3. Avoid being too friendly! – I’m talking about the amorous side. This is not the time to make your move on someone from the office that you have had your eye on. Not only is it career limiting – it can result in some explaining back at home if you happen to be married or committed. At one company Christmas party, an executive had some explaining to do to his wife when he danced a little too intimately with his secretary. Again this is linked to consumption of alcohol and mistletoe.

4. A word of warning to employers – you have some liability related to letting employees get drunk at a company function so consider giving out only a couple of drink tickets, arranging cabs, etc.

5. If you do want to let loose at bit more, go out on a different night, or I’ve seen that some people will hit the bars after the company party starts to wind down.

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