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Introverts are people who are more inwardly focused – it has been said that introverts find that other people take away their energy, while extroverts, who are more outwardly focused tend to get their energy from other people.

Introverts will find that they need to spend time alone after being with people so that they can recharge their batteries. Extroverts become restless when they spend too much time in isolation.

Sometimes introverts are perceived to be aloof or arrogant because they are less approachable and outwardly warm. The truth is that more introverts are meek and mild and don’t intend to offend anyone. Extroverts are sometimes seen to be obnoxious and yet they are just trying to be friendly and funny.

Q: What impact does this have on the workplace?

Ideally, you want to match an individual’s personality to what the job requires. It makes sense that an extrovert is going to thrive in situations where they can chat with other team members, collaborate on projects, work with customers and have more fun. Introverts are going to have greater satisfaction working on planning activites, problem solving, analysis and individual work.

Q: Is it possible to change?

Yes, introverts can learn to come out of their shell a bit and extroverts can learn to focus a bit more. Introverts can take join organizations like Toastmasters or take the Dale Carnegie program.

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