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Have you experienced the situation where you think you have been clear in communicating what you want and need, only to be disappointed and frustrated when others do not buy in enthusiastically? Even the most thought-out, logical arguments might create unexpected resistance.

That’s exactly why Dr. Peter DeShane and I collaborated to create a brand new 8 CD and one DVD self-study program called Persuasive and Influential Leadership. Based on the successful live workshop, this self-paced program covers the advanced communication skills you need to get others to do what you need to get done, willingly.

The program is based on the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which studies the link between how you think and how you communicate.
Key Benefits

  • Achieve greater results in less time with less resistance.- Help others adapt to change more easily.
  • Get ready for promotion because you are able to get things done through others.
  • Reduce conflict by positioning your information to be acceptable to everyone.

What the Program Covers:

  • The influence of existing habits both for you and the people around you.
  • How to build instant rapport with almost anyone, including people who you don’t naturally click with.
  • The science of resistance – why people resist even when they acknowledge the need to change. How to position information so that people think of it as their idea and are more committed.
  • Why logic often fails to persuade and how to position information in a way that others can accept both logically and emotionally.
  • Why people are naturally programmed to resist change because it causes a disruption to habits – and how to get them to buy in more readily.
  • Three main ways people process information and how to identify and adapt to their dominant processing style.
  • How to adapt to people who speak much faster than you do, or who speak much slower than you do.
  • The power of stories – how to craft your key messages into powerful stories that help people relate to your message on a personal level.
  • Using email more effectively to build rapport electronically.
  • Using specific words that are proven to create greater commitment by others to do what you want.
  • How to overcome obstacles that keep people from moving ahead.
  • and much more.


The program is delivered in an entertaining and engaging way. You will enjoy the conversational style that Greg and Peter use. It will be as if they are sitting with you one on one. You will want to listen to the content again and again to master the skills of influence.

What is Included

  1. Four audio CD’s covering the core course concepts.
  2. A comprehensive workbook that reinforces the key course concepts.
  3. An application CD on How to Deal with Difficult People
  4. An application CD on how technical roles can communicate with non-technical people.
  5. An application CD on Sales. How to get customer buy in more quickly and easily.
  6. An application CD for Human Resource Professionals to keep the organization moving forward with positive employee relations practices.
  7. A one-hour DVD that demonstrates the course material visually so you can grasp and use the program more easily.

Four Application CD’s

Recognizing that different professions and situations can require different approaches we have recorded four application CD’s that take the core program concepts and focus them on these areas:

  1. Dealing With Difficult People – Once you learn why people are difficult you can alter your approach to get them to buy in more easily. Imagine taking a person who always is oppositional and turning them into your biggest supporter! Less resistance means less stress on you plus the ability to get more done.
  2. Technical Professions – Information technology, engineers and other technical roles can struggle with communicating complex information to other areas of the organization. In this application CD we present a systematic approach to presenting technical solutions in a framework that others can support with enthusiasm. Greater buy-in will move projects along faster and get necessary support to new projects.
  3. Sales – Sales professionals and others who deal with customers as part of their role will benefit from this application CD that specifically addresses how to get customers to buy into your proposal and how to really determine the level of interest your customer has in your solution. Get customer buy in more easily in order to grow sales.
  4. HR – HR professionals often face two challenges. First they need to convince other managers to treat employees with respect and secondly they often have to mediate employee requests and concerns while reinforcing company policy. This application CD gives HR professionals the skills they need to get buy-in more quickly and help the organization achieve success.

A DVD shows you how:

A one hour DVD provides a visual demonstration of the key concepts which will help you grasp the information more quickly and easily. The DVD was produced into a one-hour cable television special and has earned top reviews.

The investment:

The entire program is US$339.95. FREE SHIPPING

Guarantee: We are acredited with the Better Business Bureau so you can rest easy that we will fully refund your purchase price if you are unhappy with the program for any reason within six months of purchase. Simply return it to us and your refund will be processed immediately.

Order the Program today:

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