Motivate Others By Motivating Yourself

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Why do you as a leader need to motivate yourself in order to motivate others?

Taking care of yourself and focusing on self-care is important as a leader so you can be motivated enough to engage your team. The reality is, just like everyone else, leaders can become demotivated, frustrated, or even worried and anxious over time. In a previous Leader Feeder, we talked about our stress resiliency program in helping you manage your stress and be able to perform under pressure. Today let’s talk specifically about how you can stay motivated and get your mojo back so that you can be an effective leader.

Tip number one is to track your accomplishments. Sometimes in this environment, it might be difficult to even acknowledge you have accomplishments, but you do. You are making gains every day, and instead of looking at the past with nostalgia for what used to be, you need to be looking at the accomplishments you and your team are making every day. It is important to acknowledge you have coped with what’s happening and led your team effectively through it.

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The second tip is to continue to grow your capabilities. This is an excellent time to work on your own capabilities and become an even better leader moving forward. Now is a great time to get better at some of the things that will make you more effective, not only in the current crisis and uncertainty but also in the long run in terms of your overall leadership effectiveness.

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The third tip is to connect with colleagues. This is a time when many people tend to retreat into themselves, when what they really need to do is to reach out and connect with colleagues. Your colleagues, which could be fellow leaders, supervisors and managers inside your organization or they may be people you know through your industry group or community, can be helpful to you in sharing some different perspectives and ideas that can not only help you increase your leadership effectiveness, but motivate you to put some of those new ideas into action.

By relating to your own level of motivation, you can become even more effective in motivating and engaging your team.