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When you approach employees who are in the middle of a heated argument, how do you help resolve the conflict?

Use these four questions to help discover what the source of the conflict is and some possible solutions:

1. What caused the disagreement?” 

Most conflicts don’t emerge instantly.

They have probably been brewing hard feelings over time, and there was likely a triggering event that caused them to get carried away in that particular argument, conversation, or altercation. Find the root cause.

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2. “How did you contribute to the conflict?” 

Do they realize what they did, said – or how they said it? This reflection is necessary.

 Serious displeased middle-aged bearded foreman in cap pointing at particleboard while explaining young worker how to make furniture

3. “How do you think this altercation affects the other people who had to observe it?”

Others watching could be even more upset than they are. Help them understand the impact on employees watching this conflict unfold, because it impacts others as well.

4. “How can we make sure this doesn’t happen again?”

Asking them for their ideas of how to solve the problem, allows them to be more committed to taking those actions. They need to come up with a solution to prevent future outbursts.

Use these four questions to help you handle conflict situations between workers.