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Does your team think that you do a good job of setting a good example for them?

Think about a leader for whom you have worked, who you think of as being an exemplary demonstration of leading by example. Chances are you are going to think of someone who, when there was extra pressure and stress on the team, they walked through supporting, encouraging, and lending a hand. All those things are leading by example.

Here are three tips that will help you lead your team by example:

  1. Be willing to get your hands dirty.

It shows a lot to your team when you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get in there and help them achieve success.

This is especially important when you have tasked them with a special challenge where they are going to have to work either extra-long hours or do a job that is extra dirty. They need to know that you are willing to get in there with them and get dirty with them when they have to do those difficult tasks.

  1. Be present.

Nothing irks a team more than to have a boss tell them that they need to work on something, and they are going to have to work all night, meanwhile, the boss chooses to go home.

Be willing to be present and check in on your team and let them know that you care.

  1. Be encouraging.

As people put in extra effort and do what it takes to generate the results that you need, come alongside them, and show them some appreciation to acknowledge their work.

Many leaders do not recognize or realize that the team actually needs the emotional hook of you saying, “Thank you, and I appreciate you giving us the extra effort.”

Remember that to be a good leader, by example, it helps to acknowledge the work that people are doing so that they feel reassured that you care about them doing a great job.

Once you have created that reality on your team, that you as a leader are setting a good example, you might decide that it is time to work on some of your other leadership, characteristics, and behaviors. And we are here for you.

No matter what you need from us to help you become a better leader, we are here to champion your leadership success.