Employee Of The Month Is A Bad Idea

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Employee Of The Month Is A Bad Idea

Employee Of The Month Is A Bad Idea Employee Of The Month manufacturing

 I want to confront something that companies, even to this day, still do, that I think is a horrible idea. Employee of the month. There’s different variations of this same concept. You might have crew of the month, team of the month, or location of the month. It all starts out innocently enough. The […]

Safety Drives Employee Engagement

Safety Drives Employee Engagement safety Employee Engagement

 Show your team that safety is much more than checking the box. Do you want to really motivate your team? Emphasize safety and safe work practices to your team because you care about their well-being. When leaders focus on safety, it tells employees that leadership cares about them. Within the same corporation, there were […]

Are You a Better Leader Than Your Manager?

Are You a Better Leader Than Your Manager? better than your manager

Leadership training can make you aware of much more than just your own leadership habits. Let’s tackle the subject of what happens when you’re a better leader than your boss. A participant in a recent workshop approached me for some advice. He was using a number of the constructive leadership approaches that we’ve been teaching, […]

Make Your Facility Investable

Make Your Facility Investable Investable manufacturing plant

 When it comes time for your parent company to invest more capital in their facilities, make sure yours is on the list. Companies tend to invest their capital in locations that deliver results, but how do they determine what facility to invest in? I want to talk about how you can make sure that […]

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