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Things that business owners should not delegate. At the end of the interview I am announcing a no charge teleseminar for AM800 listeners on August 29th at 8 PM.

Most of the time I encourage business owners and managers to delegate as much as possible to the people who report to them. I came across an article written by Eben Pagan of about the five things a business owner should never delegate.


The owner is responsible for deciding what makes his or her business unique and what the selling proposition is. By all means, you can employ experts in graphic design, just don’t give them complete free reign to substitute their ideas for yours.


The culture of a business really defines how people are expected to behave towards customers and towards each other. So the owner has to keep a constant hand on the culture of the business to make sure it doesn’t become something that he or she didn’t intend.


Too many business owners shrug off the financial part of their business entrusting it completely to a bookkeeper or accountant. While its okay to hand over the recording of the numbers to others, it is really important that the owner understands completely how their business is doing financially. The owner should sign every cheque personally until the business is large enough and you have someone you can completely trust. Know how your business makes money and look at each major expense to decide if it is necessary.


The owner needs to take primary responsibility for the development of their team. It is akay to hire people like me to come in and train staff, just make sure you have a hand in selecting what will be taught so that is in sync with your goals for the business. Development means more than training so take an active interest in helping each person to grow and develop.

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