To Twitter is not to fritter

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Likely you have heard the latest buzz about Twitter. After resisting it I finally took the plunge.

Twitter works similarly to a text message from your cell phone. It is 140 characters long and a record of your posts is kept on your Twitter page. Unlike a cell phone text message, everyone who ‘follows’ you can see your posts. In Canada, Bell Mobility customers can update Twitter and receive alerts on their cell phones by text message.

Twitter can allow you to stay in touch with like minded people easily. Companies and groups can use it to relay messages quickly, although one drawback is that it is completely public so you don’t want to share corporate secrets.

So why am I taking the time to make daily or even more frequent posts to Twitter, Facebook, my blog, LinkedIn and Plaxo? Two reasons. The next generation of employees and leaders are more tech friendly so I want to build connections with this group. Secondly it keeps me generating content that can be used in newsletters, magazine articles and even a future book and podcast.

If you are resisting all of this, perhaps its time to reflect and join in the change. With people spending less time with newspapers and television, the time and attention spent online is growing.

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