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Topic for July 9th AM800 Leadership Wizard Segment

Today’s topic discusses how companies, organizations and business owners are using performance coaches to help them achieve greater success.

Q: What does executive coaching look like?

A: Executive coaching is a one-on-one relationship between a manager and an external coach. For example with some of the people I work with, we take a look at where the person is no in their career or their business, then we set goals and develop an action plan to help them achieve.

Q: Is it all about business or does it touch on personal as well?

A: Because the coaching is for the individual, we have to take into account both personal and business. Chances are if one of those is out of whack, it has an impact on the other. For example, one manager I was coaching found that he was having exactly the same problems with some family members as he was having with some employees. He tended to be sarcastic in his communication at home and at work. He also was very demanding of people and liked to make decision his employees should be making. So I coached him to ask other people to make more decisions and offer input. He also cut back on the sarcasm and saw an immediate improvement at work and at home.

Q: How long does a coach work with a leader or manager?

A: It depends, for some people, they need specific help over a few months. Other people like having someone to bounce ideas off of on a regular basis.

Q: I guess the managers and business owners can find it lonely at the top?

A: Yes, there often isn’t anyone else they can talk to about some of the issues, challenges and frustrations they face. In addition they don’t normally have anyone to be accountable to – so the coach sets up expectations and reviews progress.

Q: Where can people find out more info?

A: Visit and look at the blog and check out the individual coaching process.