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For the July 16th Leadership Wizard Segment on Am800

Q: Why the focus on Lead Hands and Team Leaders?

A: Not everyone knows what we mean by Lead Hand or Team Leader. A lead hand or team leader is usually a working leader – they work right along side their fellow workers. They have some additional responsibilities and get paid a small premium. In a union shop, they are usually part of the union.

Q: How is a Lead Hand different from a supervisor or manager?

A: The supervisor and manager have more responsibilities and authority. For example a lead hand might hand out work, but the supervisor or manager would handle any discipline, terminations, etc.

Q: It must be hard to be a leader and still be part of the work group?

A: Yes, it is a struggle for many people. Sometimes they go overboard and get too bossy and lose the ability to lead and influence, or they go too soft and try to be everybody’s friend which often still is not effective.

Q: So what do you recommend to help these front line working leaders?

A: I suggest that companies look carefully at who they promote into these positions. The person should have some effective communication skills and decision making ability. Then consider giving them some introductory leadership training so that they can be more successful leaders. We offer a one of a kind leadership program just for lead hands. It is made up of some of the elements from supervisory training but focused only on what lead hands and team leaders need.

Q: How can people get more information?

A: Check out, click on Training Programs and download a course outline – then send me an email and see how this might help your organization.