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I hope you had a chance to attend the Personal, Career and Leadership Success seminar this past week – it was a smashing success!

This coming Monday we will go back to workplace issues…

Effective Teamwork – How you can make better decisions as a team

Q: What are some of the reasons that teamwork is beneficial at work?

A: No matter how smart you are, when you include other people it generates more ideas and better ideas. That’s because each person comes with their own background and experience and that gives them a unique perspective.

Q: What about when one person on the team dominates?

A: In order for a team to make an effective decision it requires two components – first you need to use good problem solving skills – think about options, look at the consequences of those options. The second component is you need to have good people skills – that’s so one person doesn’t dominate the discussion. It’s interesting that some of the quietest people in the meeting may have thought the longest about the problem and they need to be heard. So the dominant personality needs to step back and actually get the quieter person to raise their ideas.

And remember – just because everyone agrees – does not make it a great idea – sometimes you need to differ and play devil’s advocate – that’s how you get the best possible solution.

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