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This topic is the final one leading up to the Personal, Career and Leadership Success Seminar, this Wednesday at the Caboto Club. The seminar is at 7 PM, tickets are $25 and will be available at the door.

How do dogs greet one another? They sniff each other – imagine the chaos if we did this. Instead humans use their sense of sight to identify friend or foe. What your brain is looking for is similarities and differences. Have you noticed that as soon as you start driving a new or different vehicle that suddenly everyone is driving the same vehicle? Most of us when we walk by a mirror we will check ourselves out – it’s one of the only ways we know who we are.

Build Rapport – When you watch people in rapport – time goes by quicker, you really get into sync and it opens up trust – so what you do is simply select a person you want rapport with and start matching and mirroring. By subtlely copying their body language you will build rapport. And in rapport people will be more open to your ideas.

Use Your Voice – Tonality, Tempo and Inflection – Generally speaking, the lower the tonality, the more persuasive you are – a nice resonant tone is what you are looking for. Pay attention to the tempo the other person uses – if they speak more quickly, pick up your pace, if they speak slower, slow down. Inflection – if you up inflect at the end of your sentence it causes doubt – if you down inflect it gives you the power of the Jedi mind trick. “You Want to Go and Buy Me A Coffee Now, Don’t You.”

So build rapport and use a deep, resonant tone and the confidence in your communication will increase.

We have a great turnout already at the seminar Wednesday, however we will be selling tickets at the door. Wednesday, February 20th, 7 PM to 9:30 PM at the Caboto Club. You can buy tickets in advance at the Caboto Club office or online – just click on the icon at