Leadership Strategies for Managing Millennials, Leading Culture Change, Resolving Conflict, Mentoring and Maximizing Maintenance Performance.

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Isn’t it amazing how September feels like the start of the business year?

To kick off the Fall, we wanted to share some ideas for increasing the capabilities of your leaders and employees. If any of them stir your interest, please send us a call or an email to discuss further.

1. Equip Your Front Line Leaders for Success (training in many formats)

Your front line supervisors, team leaders and managers interact with most of your employees impacting productivity and employee engagement. Our most popular training program is this 2-day course for front line supervisors that can be delivered on-site, by public workshop (in several cities in Canada and the USA), by webinar on demand and by video-library subscription. This year we are introducing Independent Development Plans so participants can continuously develop their leadership skills.

2. Teach Employees Your Business – Build Your Own Company University

It’s no secret that many organizations are at tremendous risk of losing knowledge and experience as seasoned employees retire. And we know that millennials expect ongoing growth and development. To address this need, we have partnered with several clients to help create a training curriculum just for their organization using the expertise and content from their own people and based on their own core values. The end product can be online or live training or a mixture of both. Imagine your employees achieving certificates in the key areas of running your business!

3. Create a High Performing Culture

Many organizations are in a state of renewal and want to create a high performance organization that focuses on accountability and engagement. We know that the two most effective factors that impact culture are leadership behaviors and HR policies. To help, we have partnered with clients to measure their current culture, implement changes to their HR practices and develop their leaders. And we can measure incremental improvements to gauge progress.

4. Create a Mentoring Program for Growth and Succession

Mentoring and succession seem to be on every HR Manager’s to-do list but it never seems to get the attention it deserves. With clients we have helped move these two to-do items forward by creating a mentoring solution that fits with the organization instead of being a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach.

5. Get Maintenance and Operations Working Together

The maintenance function inside most production environments is crucial to maintaining equipment utilization and overall production capacity. But most companies don’t integrate maintenance and operations together. The reality is that most maintenance mechanics and their supervisors focus on repairs instead of preventive and ultimately total productive maintenance. We help clients get their maintenance and operations teams working more closely together to boost reliability and capacity.

6. Equip Leaders to Deal With Conflict Situations

Many leaders struggle when confronted by conflict, and because it’s uncomfortable, they avoid conflict. And yet we know that conflict is essential to healthy relationships and organizations. In this half-day or full-day workshop we teach supervisors and managers how to resolve differences of opinion, personality clashes and different perspectives. By remaining calm, avoiding defensiveness and seeking to explain, listen and seek agreement, leaders can be confident in dealing with conflict.

7. Manage Millennials More Effectively

Organizations and their leaders are discovering that a growing portion of their organization is less engaged and committed than their more seasoned co-workers. Traditional management approaches only seem to turn-off, demotivate and disengage these millennial workers. Your employees of tomorrow won’t put up with a lack of feedback, communication and growth opportunities like your more mature workers have learned to do. We can help create the mindset and skill set to manage millennials more effectively.

And of course there’s more that we could share. If you have a unique challenge or opportunity in your organization and want to bounce some ideas around, give us a call or send us an email to get the conversation started.

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