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What are the benefits of comprehensive supervisory training in manufacturing?

The only time you generally receive supervisory training is when you are promoted, when in fact you have not even been exposed to issues as a supervisor yet. This training should be an ongoing process, not just a one-time event when someone is promoted.

According to the Association for Talent Development, ATD, companies that offer ongoing training and development programs have 218% higher income than companies that do not invest in their training. Learning is not a one-time event.

Here are three tips on how to successfully provide comprehensive supervisory training in manufacturing:

Tip #1: Master the Fundamentals.

We think that clients typically have the greatest need in the fundamental areas of communication and motivation. This includes talent retention, feedback, and how to give corrective feedback. Additionally, it includes positive feedback, and managing the inevitable conflicts, disagreements, and skirmishes that could happen on the warehouse floor.

By mastering the fundamentals of communication and motivation, these issues will be easier to solve.

Tip #2: Program to the Problems.

When you program to the problems, what you are doing is choosing topics and sessions for training that you are seeing often. These problems will usually get escalated to HR or consume management’s time.

By programming to the problems, you will help your leaders be able to manage them better and create a more constructive workplace.

Tip #3: Make an Annual Commitment.

Whether you hire the same training company every year to come back and provide training or not, make it an annual commitment. The quality of your leaders really defines the quality of interactions with your employees. It defines whether those employees will stay with your company or not and helps create a constructive culture.

Investing in your leaders is the number one thing you can do to create a winning culture in your business.

Create a Winning Culture with Front Line Leadership

We offer all types of leadership training to suit your company, whether we come to you, virtually or on demand. We can create a pilot program to start with, and then based on results can explore the option of expanding to annual commitments.

It all starts with a conversation on our website.