How to Lead During Difficult Business Conditions

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How can front line leaders coach for success, even in difficult business conditions?

When business conditions start to change for the worse, frontline leaders must work with cutbacks and restructuring. Many people assume that because someone is a leader or supervisor, they will be able to handle these changes but in reality, it requires a different skillset and mindset than working in positive business conditions.

Here are three tips to help frontline leaders coach for success, even during difficult business conditions:

Tip #1: Stay calm.

Calm is contagious.

When a leader is freaking out, it makes it difficult for employees to stay calm and process what is going on. Remember, tough times do not last forever. They may last weeks or months, but business conditions will improve and change over time. Remember to stay calm when business slows down. It will keep your team calm too.

Tip #2: Stay positive and realistic.

The main point to convey to your team is that “We can do this.”

You need to acknowledge what is going on within the company but remain positive about the outcome. Remember to also be realistic and not to overpromise.

Tip #3: Challenge, ask, and implement.

Challenge your team during difficult times. Engage with them and ask them things like, “Hey, we have to figure out how to do this based on our current business volume. We have to figure out how three of us can do the work that usually five of us would have done.”

And although there will be a little bit of grumbling, at least you are asking them for their input and how to move forward.

We always think that employees do not want to contribute to those kinds of problems, they just want management to tell them what to do. But really everyone likes to be asked.

Additional Leadership Training

Once your leaders have established how to weather difficult times, you will realize that leadership strength is a key asset for your business in the long run – and that is where our Front Line Leadership program comes in. We offer training in person, virtually or through our On Demand program, which is at your pace, anytime.

This all begins by connecting with our team to discuss your needs and see how we can help.